Top 5 Wedding Day Jewelry Tips

Your wedding day is full of emotions, meeting and greeting family members, choreography, and orchestration. You’re happy, yet crying. You’re excited, yet nervous. Your mind is racing; all the while you have to keep cool. No pressure. Bottom line is…

…you’re a mess. Well, that might be a bit extreme, but your focus is definitely split. Your jewelry is the last thing you need to be thinking about… well, other than the ring your giving and the one your receiving. What we mean is, there are a few things to think about when choosing what jewelry to wear ASIDE from your wedding ring.

Here are our Top 5 Wedding Day Jewelry Tips for you to help your look be a smashing success:

  1. Match Your Palate. Be sure to take into consideration your dress color, the gemstone and metal of any pieces of jewelry you intend to wear, and your commitment ring gemstone and metal (hint: they’ll be the same as your engagement ring). You can also go one step further and keep in mind any theme colors for your wedding such as flowers, decor, and bridesmaid dresses. Weddings are visually ideal. They are supposed to make sense to the eye, so don’t worry about everything being “matchy-matchy”… they’re supposed to!
  2. Be Sentimental and Honor Tradition. You might have a family member that has passed down an heirloom jewelry piece. Or perhaps a new one has been purchased for you by a family member as a gift or token of love. If it makes sense, absolutely find a way to work this piece into attire. If it’s just too much for you to wear yourself, perhaps you could work it into the bouquet. Maybe the flower girl or ring bearer could use it as decoration when they walk down the aisle. The point is if you have a piece like this, and it’s important, then be creative and find a way to incorporate it into your ceremony. You can also bring that piece into Hamilton and have Kailee repurpose the stones and metal to create something absolutely perfect for your look.
  3. Don’t Upstage The Dress. You’re getting married; not auditioning for the remake of Madonna’s “Material Girl” video. Mix appropriate pieces to add just that little extra bling and pizazz that you desire to your ensemble. But make sure to not overshadow the dress. Let is visually breath; give it room and don’t clutter it with accessories “just because.” Depending on the neckline, you might want just a thin chain and pendant or perhaps no necklace at all. Try things on and see what works for you.
  4. Be True To Yourself. Keep your accessory items in your style wheelhouse. This is not the time to try on alternate personalities. That’s what high school is for. If you’re not a bracelet person, then don’t feel you must wear one. You need to show your essence and your style on this day because that’s the person that’s getting married… you!
  5. Listen to Coco. Coco Chanel, undoubtedly one of the most fashionable women to ever grace the planet, had a steadfast rule when it came to accessorizing – “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”  This applies on your wedding day just as any other, if not more so. Remove that one thing you could live without and you’ll be set. Remember, this day is about your beauty and jewelry is there to enhance it; not overpower it. Diamonds and gems shine brightly, but never as much as you do yourself. Remember that.

Congratulations on your big day and best wishes to you and your future spouse for a long, happy, and healthy future together! Much love from Kailee and Hamilton Jewelry Chicago!

Happy Valentine’s “Month?”

“Everything is clearer when you’re in love.” – John Lennon

February reminds us of the good in people. It’s about love and caring and sharing happiness and doing random acts of kindness. Valentine’s Day is the crown jewel of days dedicated to showing love for one another, but there are also 27 other days in this shortest month that silently celebrate along with it. Love for a spouse or a partner is what we think of first for February 14th, so why not spend the surrounding days honoring the love we have for friends, family, coworkers, and our fellow man. Take the time to tell those close to you that you love them for quirks, their flaws, their humor, their attention to detail, and anything else that makes them stand out in your world. Then, when it comes to your true love, let Kailee create something special in their birthstone or favorite gemstone to show them how truly important they are to you; leaps and bounds above all others.

valentaines day hamilton jewelry chicago peridot green amethyst earrings valentaines day hamilton jewelry chicago peridot green amethyst ring valentaines day hamilton jewelry chicago pink tourmaline ring valentaines day hamilton jewelry chicago pink corundum earrings

February Birthstone Amethyst

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. It’s a beautiful, elegant violet-colored gemstone that’s part of the quartz family. Although it does come in a variety of other colors, violet is the most popular choice. Everything about this stone signifies beauty, intrigue, and love. Even the name “amethyst” comes from the Greek word for “intoxicated” which is the true essence of being in love.

Looking for something a little different? Try one of these little beauties below. Vibrant, elegant, and just as intoxicating… perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Time to Start New… Again with January Birthstone, Garnet

“There is a shade of red for every woman.” -Audrey Hepburn

There are a lot of “starts” in our lives, but only a few that visit and re-visit us over and over again. January brings us the new year and a chance to be resolute and start all over again with changes in our lives. This can be very empowering; allowing us to gain some perspective and get a new attitude for the upcoming year. Along with your new attitude, you should consider some new looks in your home, office, and personal style. Go shopping and find yourself some new outfits for work and play and then let Kailee help you with some new custom jewelry pieces to adorn these new looks. Try something in Garnet, January’s birthstone, to empower you in this new style.

hamilton jewelry chicago garnet ring hamilton jewelry chicago garnet ring hamilton jewelry chicago garnet ring hamilton jewelry chicago garnet ring

Happy Holidays from Hamilton Jewelry Chicago

hamilton jewelry chicago holiday card 2015It’s December and the Holidays are upon us. Celebrate with the one’s you love, meet new people, and dress up to the nines whenever you step outside; whether to a fancy party or just drinks with your pals. Take the time to feel special this holiday season and your energy will spread like holiday cheer to everyone you encounter. The holidays are a time to dress up and be proud of yourself and what you’ve accomplished during the past year. Be safe… be happy… be you!

If you’re looking for that last minute gift that needs to really ‘shine’, then contact Kailee and she will be sure to get you all set to give that perfect gift that won’t look rushed and will definitely make a great impression.

Hamilton Jewelry Chicago Platinum Aquamarine Diamond Ring

November 2015 Birthstones

November Birthstone: Topaz
hamilton jewelry chicago blue topaz ring

Precious topaz is the other birthstone for November, while blue topaz is reserved for December babies. Topaz comes in a variety of colors as well as colorless (which is usually treated to be blue). Topaz has had a confusing history, but was clearly significant to certain people and their beliefs. Ancient Greeks held that this gemstone gave them strength and power. During the Renaissance, Europeans believed that it had the power to break magic spells. Eastern Indians have long believed that wearing topaz above their heart fuels long life, beauty, and intelligence. Let Hamilton work up something precious with this precious stone either alone or with another stone, such as diamonds or citrine.



November Birthstone: Citrine
hamilton jewelry chicago blue topaz ring

Citrine is one of the most popular gemstones around right now. It is an undoubtedly beautiful stone with a rich yellow-gold color putting it at the top end of value within the quartz family. The name ‘citrine’ comes from the French word for lemon, “citron.” Citrine has been treasured for thousands of years and was prized by royalty during the Victorian era. Contact Kailee to have her work this beautiful gemstone into a custom designed piece for you or someone you love!

Holiday 2015 and Boutique Shopping Night

Hello, Holliday 2015!
holiday 2015 hamilton jewelry chicago

It’s that time of year again! Less than 45 days until Christmas and Kwanzaa starts and less than 26 days until the start of Hanukkah, so now is the time to reach out to Kailee at Hamilton Jewelry Inc. to get that custom ring or pendant or bracelet or watch designed and created for that special someone or someones in your life.

Think of using their birthstone in a new way, recycle gemstones from an antiquated piece, surprise them with something beautiful and out of the norm, and give them the proper accouterments to make a statement for the upcoming new year!

Kailee has traveled around the world and knows all the ins and outs of gemstones, jewelry, and how to take an idea and turn it into something unique, personal, and exceptionally special. Reach out to Kailee and let her work her magic for you so your holiday season is magical for the ones you love!

Boutique Shopping Night
boutique shopping night

Hamilton Jewelry Inc. is again proud to be a part of the St. Isaac Jogues Parish Center’s 12th Annual Boutique Shopping Night. 20% of all proceeds raised will go to the Women In Need Grant: For those who find themselves in crisis and require financial support to gain self-sufficiency. Kailee is proud to donate her custom jewelry pieces again to this amazing cause; along with other generous boutique vendors and shops. The event is Wednesday, November 18 from 5:20p – 9:30p and located at 306 West Fourth Street in Hinsdale, Illinois. Please join us and help raise money for those in need. For more information please visit the Facebook event page. We hope to see you there!

Drops of Sunshine and Gloss of Steel

“The month of November makes me feel that life is passing more quickly. In an effort to slow it down, I try to fill the hours more meaningfully.” -Henry Rollins

ham 16November is here… Autumn is here… Winter is just around the corner. Autumn passes through us so quickly, we almost don’t see it sometimes. Those beautiful colors outdoors and in the stores – Autumn presents as one of the most favored seasons due to its color palette of vibrant reds, rusts, oranges, golds, and soft cool blues and grays. One way to preserve this fleeting season is through November’s birthstones Citrine and Topaz. Citrine offers warm, glowing bursts of gold while Topaz balances things with hints of soft steel blues.

Tim of Aurora IL

Kailee made ring shopping easy for a guy like me who didn’t really have a clue. I went to many different jewelry stores before I was referred to her by a friend. She took way more time educating me on ring shopping than any other jeweler. I gave her my price range and she didn’t try to push me toward my limit. I decided on a great diamond and a custom setting that fell right in my price range. She asked me a million questions on my (at the time) girlfriend’s style and preferences which helped me get the perfect design. My fiancé then went back to get her wedding band made and raved about how much she enjoyed working with Kailee. I’m writing this now as we travel on our honeymoon. My now Wife gets complemented daily on her ring, no exaggeration. Thank you Kailee and Rebecca for making the perfect ring and for your superior customer service.  I already recommended my future brother in law to you for my sister’s engagement ring (they are now engaged with one of your rings) and I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to wow their future wife.

Mary Ellen of Washington DC

Kailee and Rebecca offer the absolute best in attentive and thorough customer service, and the quality of their rings is wonderful. They helped my (very picky–in a good way) fiancé design a beautiful engagement ring. We traveled from DC to work with Kailee to pick out wedding bands. Kailee spent literally the whole day with us to explain options, resize the engagement ring, and finalize our choices. She took lots of time to educate us, answer questions and was just a delight to work with at every step. She’ll definitely be our family jeweler! We look forward to working with Kailee and company for many years to come.

Andrea of Chicago IL

Kailee and Rebecca are both a real pleasure to work with, and the jewelry they produce is exceptionally beautiful and unique (my ring was designed by Vinny). I was the recipient of the engagement ring, which my fiance had designed at Hamilton without my knowledge, and thus I wasn’t present for any of those preliminary interactions. That said, my fiance has had only positive things to say about Hamilton since then. I understand Kailee and Rebecca helped with design ideas, were very patient as he went back and forth between a few options, and were all-around extremely helpful throughout the production process. They kept him informed every step of the way.

After we became engaged, I needed to get the ring sized. I went back several times to see Kailee and Rebecca and they were extremely helpful and gracious, telling me what a pleasure it was to work with my fiance. They also sized the ring perfectly. Since then I’ve had to go back once to tighten one of my prongs (my ring has a high setting and I’m sure I bumped it a bit too hard on something). Each experience is better than the last. Quality is of utmost importance to these ladies as well as Vinny, and it shows both in the craftsmanship of their work and the pride they take in its upkeep. No questions asked, they are always happy to visit/meet with me to be sure everything is in tip top shape.

I get compliments on my ring all the time. Seriously, at least one person has said something every day since we got engaged (almost 3 months ago). I love it more and more the longer I wear it, and I know that this is due in large part to its unique and artistic construction. The attention to detail is astonishing. I can’t wait to go back soon to design our wedding bands!