Kailee the Artist

Kailee Swift is the creative custom jewelry designer behind her company Hamilton Jewelry located in Chicago's historic Jeweler's Row. She has always had an eye for design; even at an early age where she continually gravitated towards the arts in everything she did at school and play. Descending upon university, she staked out her niche in the arts through fashion design. Thriving in fashion throughout her college years, she would create handmade jewelry for her classmates and became the "go to" jeweler amongst friends and family. As her skills and technique advanced, so did her passion for more luxe and fine jewelry. Her work took on a more expensive look while she used more and more precious metals and gemstones; using diamonds, pearls, and sapphires the most.

Kailee the Designer

All this time she was building up a client base for what would become her full-time business. In 1997 Kailee took on the name Hamilton Jewelry and officially opened her boutique custom jewelry store. With this new endeavor, her talents and skills grew and refined. She began traveling the world in order to find inspiration for her various works of art and to truly understand the full process that each stone undergoes before it comes across her work desk.

Hamilton Jewelry is synonymous with the highest standards of quality and care. Kailee is known throughout the industry as an incredibly reputable source for not only her custom jewelry pieces, but also as an appraisal specialist. In an industry where diamonds, pearls, and other precious and semi-precious gemstones are over evaluated, incorrectly appraised, or unethically manipulated to remove such things as occlusions, Kailee is an honest expert who always gives an honest appraisal as either a first, second, or even third opinion with her clients and other professional jewelers and dealers.

She follows the GIA, Gemological Institute of America, guidelines when working with diamonds, pearls, and all other precious stones. Kailee is current on all industry standards and is in constant contact with gemstone dealers, metal-crafters, and other vendors and specialists. She keeps relationships with artisans so that the work she needs done will be impeccable and to the highest standard possible. This way she always produces the most exquisite jewelry items for her clients; without question.

Kailee is Involved

Kailee is a strong business owner, artist, and designer. A wife and mother, she has been active in her community for many years now. She has donated her work over the years and is annually involved with dozens of philanthropic and fundraising events designed to help Chicago and a variety of local and national charities.

Kailee insists on meeting with each client personally and takes the time to really get to know each person. She views every client as family because she is involved in creating something precious for them that they will pass on to their family for generations to come. She believes in finding what it is that each client wants, using her years of experience, and sourcing the best metals and stones to achieve the perfect custom jewelry piece. Contact Hamilton Jewelry Chicago today and meet with Kailee to begin the design process with her to create that one-of-a-kind beautiful jewelry piece that is perfect for you or someone you love.