The Beauty of Bridal Jewelry

There are a lot of couples getting married out there in the world and there are even more options of wedding rings and wedding bands. It can all be a bit overwhelming if you are searching for that perfect ring that speaks to exactly who you are. Your wedding happens to only you and only your spouse; no one else. Your rings are the most important token of this relationship and union. When you look at your rings you will remember all the "firsts" you had together. You will remember the places you've visited and sights you've seen together. Every year that passes will imprint on you and that little piece of jewelry that adorns your finger will always snap you back in an instant to any one of the billions of beautiful and precious moments in your life together.

That storyline; that history is yours and yours alone. It is specific to the two of you and is as individual and unique as a thumbprint. Why would you ever want to attach all of THIS to a ring that someone else out there has an exact copy of on their finger? How would that make you feel to know that someone else has the same ring; the same catalyst triggering their memories? How would you feel knowing those franchise and chain stores were selling thousands or more of the same ring that you chose to capture your lives together in one visual moment?

This is why Hamilton Jewelry Chicago only offers bespoke designs. Kailee will personally meet with you to discuss what you want and get to know your story. Knowing some of this history will help in designing a truly unique one-of-a-kind ring that you will proudly wear. This ring will be forged of your memories, wants, ideas, and style; a symbol of your love, commitment, and memories together. Each time you look at your ring, you will know, without a doubt, that this memento of your life together is yours and belongs to no one else in the entire world. Check out our collection of bridal and wedding rings and bands here.

Don't Forget The Wedding Party

Here at Hamilton Jewelry Chicago we are always on top of it when it comes to weddings. We custom design and create wedding bands, engagement rings, and keepsake pieces for special family and friends. Brides and grooms get their special rings that signify their bond and commitment to each other, but what about the rest of the wedding party? What about the bridesmaids and groomsmen? What about the mothers and fathers of the special couple? Why not let them celebrate the memory of your special day with custom mementos as well? Perhaps a watch for the fathers? Maybe a bracelet or earrings for the mothers? Hamilton Jewelry Chicago likes to make sure that EVERYONE in the wedding party gets to feel a little extra special and keep that memory with them every time they wear their special gift. Kailee will help you come up with designs and ideas for the brides, grooms, and the rest of the wedding party. Just contact Kailee at Hamilton Jewelry Chicago to schedule your appointment today.