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Diamonds for April

Diamonds for April… what’s not to love? I mean, this month, April, has the almighty coveted Diamond as her Birthstone and that just can’t be beat! so, what’s so special about Diamonds? Well, historically they are the most consistently coveted and desired gemstone. Diamonds are one of the four and only four precious gemstones (all others are semi-precious or different). Diamonds are DEFINITELY a girl’s best friend! – as seen here by Madonna’s “Material Girl” video homage to Marilyn Monroe’s “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” performance in 1953… Amazing!! Let’s not forget the Marilyn Monroe/Christina Aguilera performance/song from the movie “Burlesque” nor the now classic “Moulin Rouge” version performed by Nicole Kidman. 🙂

So, what else is there about Diamonds? Well, a lot. But we’re not going to go into ALL of the history here, though there is a huge history for this delicious gem! Some early cultures thought Diamonds were lightening manifested in physical form on Earth. Most associated this gemstone with everlasting and eternal love. Being clear (with modern exceptions), it’s not only the most elegant solution for the central stone in wedding rings, bands, and other jewelry, but it also works to surround and “present” other gemstones beautifully. It adds that sparkle needed to any piece of jewelry. Watches are surrounded by them. Embedded in rings and bracelets. The Diamond is “the stone to beat” when it comes to beautiful jewels. Learn more about Diamonds here.


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