Top 5 Luxe Fine Jewelry & Precious Metals Gifts for Men

It’s just about Black Friday and that means it’s time to start making those holiday gift purchases for the ones you love, friends, coworkers, and more. Things change every year. Styles shift and fads fade away. Hamilton… Kailee knows what’s hot and going to be big when it comes to fine jewelry and precious metal pieces for this coming year and many forward. Here’s our list of the Top 5 Luxe gift items for men this holiday season. Remember, Kailee can custom create these pieces just for you to show off a man’s true sense of style and pesonality.

5. Money Clips. Something old has come back new again. In a world of convenient and disposable technology, we keep all of our credit cards and store/reward cards in the digital realm on our smartphones and tablets. And because there are so many of them, the wallet has become completely impractical. Enter “the money clip.” Since we still use cash, more so than in the recent past, the money clip is the perfect gift for the modern man. Plus, men typically don’t have a lot of jewelry items to pass down to their sons and grandsons, so a money clip is a great piece to fulfill this duty. Also, money clips have a prominent surface area, so the possibilities for distinction in design are endless.

4. Cufflinks. Style… “true” style, never dies. Even in this age of disposable furniture and clothing, real style is more important than ever. People are spending less money on staying at home and more money on experiencing life. Galas, balls, dinners, and so on have become favorite to-do events for more and more people today. So, how does a man REALLY dress up? Even get a tux to bump it up a notch? One way is through some custom cufflinks. Cufflinks can boldly boast a man’s personality, from the whimsical to serious. Cufflinks are the perfect gift for the man who likes to step out on the town now and then and wants that little something extra to show off.

3. Bracelets. Don’t think Goodfella’s for this one. We’ve passed that time where men’s bracelets are gaudy and tacky. Remember that episode of Friends where Joey buys a matching gold bracelet for Chandeler making them “bracelet buddies?” Yeah, it was a very funny episode and those bracelets were obnoxious to say the least. The bracelet for today’s man is clean, sleek, and modern. They’re more fitted and offer a sense of personal style. Women have been wearing bracelets for decades and more, so it’s time for men to adorn these pieces and in a new way. They can be solid and organic or linked like traditional metal watch bands. Any way you want, customizing and personalizing a bracelet for the man in your life is a sure bet on the side of cutting edge fashion.

2. Pocket Watches. Vintage. Steampunk. Heirloom. These all have lead to the popularity of pocket watches over the years. The pocket watch seems to dip in and out of pop culture and popular adornment over the decades, but it always comes back and does so with a freshness every time. Pocket watches are unique, stylish, and practical. They afford men a jewelry option other than a wrist watch giving their sense of style some diversity. The modern pocket watch can be anything from old world ornate to clean and modern nouveau. Giving a custom designed timepiece such as a pocket watch will start a tradition of passing down an heirloom for generations to come.

1. Wrist Watches. Simple and steady. Nowadays, everything is about the newest technology. Apple watches, FitBits, Sony Smartwatches, Moto 360s, Samsung Gears, and many more are on the wrists of everyone on the planet. Though you can customize the digital faces and strapped bands of these devices, there is something missing. Individuality. Personalization. Unwavering style. A sense of timelessness. These are things you can’t get from one of these digital mockups, but instead can only be found in a true and traditional wrist watch. A wrist watch is an opportunity to truly show a man’s personality and style and set him apart from the masses. The wrist watch is back, but only the bold individual male will be sporting them in coming years.

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