Top Ten Things You Should Know About November Birthstones

10. November is a 2-for-1 month when it comes to Birthstones. There is Topaz AND Citrine.

9.  Topaz is a teal-meets-sky blue and Citrine is an amber colored gemstone. Though, these are the most popular color versions of these gemstones, Topaz does have a range of colors extending outside of the blues while Citrine exists in it’s golden form with a small range or shift in color from pale yellow to an almost rusty orange.

8. Citrine has been said to signify the end of Fall or Autumn with it’s rich golden color while Topaz represents the entrance to Winter with it’s icy, crisp blue hue.

7.  Blue Topaz is the official gemstone of Texas and has been since 1969.

6.  The yellow color of Citrine is due to iron in quartz crystals when naturally occurring. Since this is fairly rare, Citrine stones are now created from other quartz that have been treated with heat to bring out that golden yellow hue.

5.  One of the Topaz colors overlaps with the pale yellow hue in Citrine which was the cause of much confusion for thousands of years before we had the technology to examine the crystalline and mineral composite construct of gemstones.

4.  Topaz is considered a sacred stone in some cultures, used as a healing stone in some tribal communities, and said to bring wisdom and long life by some Eastern philosophies.

3.  Citrine comes in on the Mohs hardness scale at a 7, so it is fairly resistant against scratches and other daily abuses.

2.  Topaz has it’s own history of developed treatment, where colorless Topaz stones are treated with irradiation to make them blue.

1.  Topaz and Citrine are both affordable gemstones that are beautiful alone, with each other, or matched with diamonds to create everyday wearable to bridal jewelry and everything in between.

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