Top 5 Points About Rubies

The birthstone for July is the ever-dominant Ruby. This gorgeous and luxe gemstone holds many stories throughout time; some, in fact, that changed the course of history. It is a brilliant and saturated stone that represents love, wisdom, and health and is considered to give those adorned great fortune, luck, and prosperity. It is the ultimate king of all gemstones and has secrets of its own that make it truly unique. Below we’ve listed the Top 5 Points of Interest about this beautiful, decadent red jewel of the world.

  1. The Ruby is actually a Red Sapphire, though you will never hear it referred to as such. The crystal construct of rubies and sapphires is the same – Corundum with one very slight difference. This tiny distinction lies in the chemical makeup of the Corundum with a change in only 1% of it’s chromium. Ultraviolet light absorption changes, the Corundum becomes red, and “voila!”… you have a Ruby instead of a Sapphire. If you really want to geek out about this, you can start your search here.
  2. The Ruby is the second strongest gemstone, semi-precious or precious alike. Again, the crystal structure dictates its strength and it’s hardness is gauged by the Mohs Scale of Hardness. There is a lot of scientific speak involved, but just know that the way it’s formed makes it extremely strong. The only gemstone harder than the Ruby is the Diamond. Look, side-by-side, the Ruby has this unmatched, beautiful red color, so it can’t own ALL the awards in gemology, right?
  3. The Ruby is the best financial investment gemstone. It beats out Blue Sapphire, Emerald, and even Jade which comes in at No.8 as a valuable investment stone. The Fine Ruby is the most valuable of all gemstones due to its scarcity and this is due to a specific color called “pigeon’s blood red.” This gem is very rare, hence the demand forcing its dollar value. So, if you’re looking to purchase a stone that will increase in value over time, the Ruby is for you.
  4. The Ruby’s value is in the Eye of the… Pigeon? The most valuable and in-demand Ruby red color is called “pigeon’s blood red” which literally relates to a pigeon. Not it’s blood per se, but rather the red hue of the white pigeon’s eyes. This red Burmese Ruby is extremely brilliant and commands a significant price jump over other reds in this stone.
  5. The Ruby is not a Pink Sapphire, though it almost is. Confusing? Absoutely. This is an area of great debate amongst experts. The red color of a Ruby lives in the pinkish hue arena, but at a certain point the pink color gives way to the stone becoming a Pink Sapphire versus a true Ruby. The ICGA (International Colored Gemstone Association) awards Ruby status to lighter red/pink Corundum stones, through they must meet a minimum saturation standard to officially qualify as a Ruby. Otherwise, the pink stone is considered a Pink Sapphire. So, how can you tell if you have a red Ruby or a Pink Sapphire? Well, bring it into Kailee at Hamilton Jewelry Chicago and she can officially gauge it’s color saturation and get you a certified classification of the stone(s) of interest.

Well, there you have it. 5 great factoids about the Ruby. If you are interested in investing in Rubies and or jewelry pieces that house this magnificent stone, then you need to contact Kailee to set up a meeting to discuss.

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