Top 5 Colored Diamonds for 2016

As you may know, colored diamonds have made a huge comeback. We all know everything that comes around, goes around, and then comes back again. The hope, of course, is that when things come back again they are worthy of the trend they reset. Well, in 2015 we started to see a rise in colored diamonds. Wait, let’s back up a bit to get the full picture.

When the most recent recession hit, everything changed. We all tried our best to not spend to help protect ourselves, but ultimately we realized that we needed to do just that – spend. So, we became more conscientious of how and where we spent our money. Cutting back became a household word and the decisions made were more calculated and on-point with our changing lifestyles.

We kept tucked away; gave up our fancy vacations. We stopped our magazine subscriptions, stuck to a food budget, and learned to make do with the versions of things that worked without upgrading. The problem with all of this was that it became rather boring. We needed some sparkle put back into our lives. Enter colored gemstones.

Now, I know that the world did not get better because we began wearing things other than white diamonds. Though this change did have a profound effect on numerous industries including as fashion and design. You see, colored gemstones, the semi-precious ones, offered two things we had not accounted for until this economic shadow. One, they were less expensive, while still offering “bling” and style. Two, they were fresh, bright, and new. They made us happy; something we desperately needed.

Fast-forward, the recession is in the past and the semi-precious colored gemstones have definitely made their mark in the world. Bright Tourmalines and Citrines, sparkling Tanzanites and Amethysts, deep Garnets, and shimmery Opals have all had their chance to shine in the spotlight and are still being integrated into current jewelry pieces. We have come to not only accept, but love these bright colors adorning our outfits. We have embraced the variety of rainbow flavors in jewelry and have elevated many of these semi-precious gems to a whole new level.

This new appreciation and love for colored stones, along with more financial freedom, has lead us back to diamonds, but in a new way. Colored diamonds have been around forever, but now they are getting their due notoriety. Now that we readily accept colored gemstones in all levels of fashion, we are happy and willing to integrate those uniquely colored diamonds into our jewelry with more confidence.

Diamonds come in many colors beyond the clear or “white” that we all know so well. These colors are not overly saturated, but instead are more subtle and elegant in hue. They compliment each other and go well with all metals. They also work well with other deeper gem colors as well as similar pastel stones. Below we have listed the top 5 colored diamonds for you to work into your jewelry collection in 2016.

  1. Champagne. This color diamond is extremely popular right now as it goes with almost everything. It is subtle enough in hue to not overpower other stones or metals, but still bright enough to be noticed in any setting. It is the quintessential colored diamond; a must-have!
  2. Blue. When untreated and naturally found, these diamonds are extremely rare and considered very valuable. They are light, airy, and elegant. Set with smaller clear accent diamonds, anyone would undoubtedly love to wear this beautiful stone on any occasion.
  3. Pink. Thanks to Elle Woods, pink is one very popular colored diamond. Pink diamonds can range from pale to saturated and definitely give you that extra needed little boost in mood. Pink diamonds are very youthful and can be a bit sassier, but all the while representing elegance and sophistication.
  4. Yellow. This color diamond is extremely sophisticated, yet has an innocence about it. Mostly referred to as “Canary Diamonds,” this stone is for a distinctive personality type. Its popularity has wavered over the years but now is back in style with a huge following.
  5. Chocolate. Also known as “brown” or cognac” diamonds, the natural ones are in high demand right now. They offer a sense of mystery and intrigue that no other color can match. Hold the hand of someone wearing this colored diamond and see what adventures unfold for you both!

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