Andrea of Chicago IL

Kailee and Rebecca are both a real pleasure to work with, and the jewelry they produce is exceptionally beautiful and unique (my ring was designed by Vinny). I was the recipient of the engagement ring, which my fiance had designed at Hamilton without my knowledge, and thus I wasn’t present for any of those preliminary interactions. That said, my fiance has had only positive things to say about Hamilton since then. I understand Kailee and Rebecca helped with design ideas, were very patient as he went back and forth between a few options, and were all-around extremely helpful throughout the production process. They kept him informed every step of the way.

After we became engaged, I needed to get the ring sized. I went back several times to see Kailee and Rebecca and they were extremely helpful and gracious, telling me what a pleasure it was to work with my fiance. They also sized the ring perfectly. Since then I’ve had to go back once to tighten one of my prongs (my ring has a high setting and I’m sure I bumped it a bit too hard on something). Each experience is better than the last. Quality is of utmost importance to these ladies as well as Vinny, and it shows both in the craftsmanship of their work and the pride they take in its upkeep. No questions asked, they are always happy to visit/meet with me to be sure everything is in tip top shape.

I get compliments on my ring all the time. Seriously, at least one person has said something every day since we got engaged (almost 3 months ago). I love it more and more the longer I wear it, and I know that this is due in large part to its unique and artistic construction. The attention to detail is astonishing. I can’t wait to go back soon to design our wedding bands!

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